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We install a large amount of AV equipment and have trading accounts with most AV Manufacturers and as such we can offer very competitive prices on all AV products. Many of our clients use us as a one-stop-shop for all their AV equipment and consumables, whether it’s a replacement lamp (free fitting within M25), additional microphones, portable projectors or if you need an LCD screen but don’t need it installed, it’s always worth a call to see if we can help.

Cover PlusVideo Conferencing

Reduce your carbon footprint – What better way than with Video Conferencing. More and more pressure is being put onto companies to reduce their Carbon Footprint, Video Conferencing is a very effective way to reduce your company’s emission and also, significantly reduce your cost of travel. This then translates to less time for your key staff being out of the office travelling, happier employees maintaining that all important work/life balance, not flying to Singapore on a Friday night for a meeting on Monday morning. Video Conferencing is truly a great example of Technology making our lives better. More importantly, think of how much money you can save on travel, this alone will see your R.O.I (Return on Investment) very quickly. How else can you be in multiple places at once?

LCD & Plasma Screens

Plasma, LCD, LED, OLED, 3D Screens, there’s lots to choose from. Which is best for my application? Big screens are generally cheaper in the Plasma format but LCD and LED displays are catching up fast. OLED offers fantastic image quality and colour reproduction but very expensive and currently only available in small screen sizes. 3D screens – is it all hype or do they really offer the next step in viewing?
Whatever your requirement, give us a call, our techies write forums on this stuff every day – the debate goes on...

Projection Systems

Projectors have come a long way over recent years and now there’s pretty much a projector for every application you can think of. Pico Pocket Projectors, Portable, Ultra Portable, Desk Mounted, Ceiling Mounted, Cinema, Conference, Home Cinema, short throw, long throw, rear projection, 3D projection, Hi Brightness, Hi Contrast, Hi Resolution and Wide Resolution – yep it’s a minefield but don’t panic just call us.

Cover Plus Control Systems

Where’s that remote control??

A control system is used to make your life easier, inexperienced users can control and use very complicated systems with a touch of a button. Even in a small meeting room or classroom, a small inexpensive wall panel with simple button control will stop people trying to climb on the desk to turn the projector on when the remote control has been misplaced. They can also help to minimise “finger trouble”, the system is always ready to go.

For that executive feel to your boardroom, you really need a touch panel that’s pre set for lighting control, i.e. a video presentation will automatically draw the blinds and dim the lights. A PC presentation will bring the table lights to the correct level for taking notes but maybe dim the room lights so focus is on the presentation itself. Whatever your requirement there’s a control system for you.

Consumables – Lamps Etc...

Your system has been installed and has been working fine for some time now but you need to budget for consumables, projectors will need their lamps replacing, filters checked and cleaned or you may need replacement cables; they always seem to go missing or get stamped on. You might misplace your tie clip microphone (the MD went to the toilet still warring it – yes it has happened...) Whatever your requirement, give us a call – and no, we don’t need to know the serial number, date of manufacture, your middle name, what direction it’s facing etc... Our guy’s can work it out. Cover Plus

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